Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wild Hare Wednesday

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Wild Hare Wednesday
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Please meet:


He is a bit of a dandy bunny !
Oliver loves carrots, but really doesn't like
getting his paws dirty digging for them!
He would be so embarrassed at the garden party with
smudges on his waistcoat!

Oliver is about 10.5" to his ear tippy tips.
He is created from hand dyed cocoa/chocolate mohair.
His eyes are glass and his paws wool felt.
He is stuffed heavy with steel shot.

Oliver wears a vest of wool felt, blanket stitched all round, with a teeny
embroidered carrot boutonniere.
Another embroidered carrot bunch graces the back of his vest.
He comes with 3 woolen carrots.

ship/ins $10.00


Please email to purchase:


By Thy Hands Tinkerings said...

Soooooo Adorable Lori!!!


Kays Kids said...

He is too pretty to ever dig in the garden.

SimaBears said...

Wonderful creations! I love them all. Worked so well in detail. Fantastic!
Hugs Simone

orchidfae said...

Thank you for Oliver, I won him in a Country Sampler Magazine contest that ended back in 2013. He is spoiled and being well taken care of. Did you ever make more Olivers?