Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wild Hare Wednesday . . .

Welcome, I'm so happy you could join me!

Please meet:
Just hangin' around waitin' for Christmas!
(Yep, a long title!)
This pudgy little bunny is created from lovely antique mohair (taken from a child's coat that was no longer wearable).  She is about 8" tall to her ear tips and weighted with steel shot.
She hangs out awaiting Christmas in a dear antique RED wooden shoe! 
The shoe is about 9.5" long
Nestled with her are greens, vintage glass baubles & candy cane.
She is getting a tad impatient so she will happily come out to play!
A ribbon hanger makes it possible to hang her from a hook or cupboard door!
(ship/ins $12.00)

Please email to purchase:

Have a very happy Thanksgiving with those you love!
Lori Ann


Debora said...

She is super cute, Lori Ann! Love her!

Patty ♣ said...

Oh My Goodness Lori Ann!1 you are so wonderfully creative!! Love your wee bunny!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Kays Kids said...

Lori Ann, your bunny is amazing. His little face is so endearing.
I must say I love the bear on your header, he is so special.

Amanda said...

Its gorgeous! Happy thanksgiving to you, even if its just a normal thursday here in the UK, I love the idea of thanksgiving.

tj said...

...Is she not the cutest bunny ever?! And a pudgy one to boot! *swoons* :o)

...Hoping this lil' note finds you enjoying this Thanksgiving Eve Lori Ann. May you have too many blessings to count, a heart filled with joy and a belly filled with pie!

...Happy Thanksgiving!

...Bless you.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Thank you to each and every one of you!!