Friday, March 15, 2013

Fini !

Mr. Rabbit aka: Mr. SPOT found his spots!
This is the completed 18" rabbit, appliqued spots, hand shading
for depth of character, jaunty ribbon & one gigantic carrot!
He is a happy boy!

Mr. Rabbit aka: SPOT is already spoken for, 
but I do hope you enjoyed seeing the process!
(see earlier post!)

Lori Ann


Doreen said...



Heidi Steiner said...

He sure is a cutie!

Tallowberry Primitives and FolkArt said...

I love your sweet little creatures and this spotted bunny is amazing!

tj said...

...Simply spotacular! ;o)

...You would never know those spots are appliqued. Amazing how they look so natural. As always, wonderful work Lori Ann!

...Have a lovely weekend!

...Blessings. :o)

NataliaUNA said...

Lori Ann!
Mr. Rabbit is lovely! I love your work! Bravo!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kays Kids said...

I loved seeing the process. Thanks so much. You have finished one amazing bunny.

Ik ben Esther said...

Wonderfull that you are willing to let us take a peek at your spot making!! I just love how the bunny turned out!!
Love from Holland,