Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Floppy & Fluffy

HELLO . . .
We are Floppy & Fluffy!
2 little bunnies aptly names because they really ARE floppy & fluffy!
I haven't made this style of bunny in a while, I missed them!
Pretty chocolate mohair, (to be fluffy!), a chubbier style bunny with rounder head
 and straighter arms and legs.
Jointed loosely and stuffed heavy with steel shot (to be floppy!)
11.25" to ear tips
Perfect to tuck into an Easter Basket or anywhere really!
PS: ( Our ears really aren't quite as pink as they look here . . .  silly camera!)
This is FLOPPY - He is SOLD
This is FLUFFY, she is SOLD

Lori Ann


tj said...

..."THIS IS THE END OF OUR "TAIL" !" - You're so funny! [giggle] :o)

...I love them! So sad they're going to be split up tho'. I couldn't imagine one without the other.

...And those little sweaters - so cute! Do they per chance come in a Misses Size M? ;o)

...Enjoy your evening!

...Peace & Blessings. :o)

rockriverstitches said...

Adorable Bunnies!!!! And love their sweaters! How cute is that!!