Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well hello . . .

I hope you enjoy today's Wild Hare Wednesday!
Please meet:
Lil Green Jeans
Lil Green Jeans is dressed and ready to help you in the garden.
He is a very good helper & especially loved tending the carrots!
Standing about 9" to ear tips, Green Jeans is jointed & sturdily free standing
with wire armature in his legs.  He has glass eyes and wool felt ear linings.
Green Jeans overalls are stitched from antique green fabric, & his
kerchief is antique check as well.
He carries a woolen carrot.
Lil Green Jeans
Have a sunny day!
Lori Ann


Elma said...

OH he is adorable!!!1

Judy McCarthy said...

What a lovely bunny!

tj said...

...Honestly Lori Ann, this one should come with a Cute Overload warning. :o)

...Cute. Cute. Cute!

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings. :o)

Doreen said...

Oh my goodness L ~ you amaze me!

♥♥♥ him!

Hugs, doreen