Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wild Hare Wednesday

Hello . . .
My name is "Spotty"
"Spotty" is another version of my signature "spotted hare".
He is jointed and sturdily free standing with wire armature in his legs.
His mohair is taupe with a deeper backing.  Each black mohair spot is hand appliqu├ęd
and he has further shaded facial details, wired ears & a little black tail!
"Spotty" stands about 13" tall to his ear tips. A lovely display size to
complement any vignette.  He comes with a woolen carrot!
Here he is posed in a "hopping" position.
Have a Hoppy Day!

Lori Ann


tj said...

...Oh goodness sakes, this post needs to come with a cute overload warning. How adorable is he?! Just wonderful Lori Ann! Truly wonderful! :o)

...Have a lovely rest o' the day!

...Peace & blessings. :o)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cute! I am enjoying looking at all of your beautiful creations! WOW! You are very talented!