Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wild "Squirrel" Wednesday!

Hello and welcome!
After a summer of watching the antics of the squirrels in our yard and at the feeder
it seemed only proper to create a similar little friend . . .  but one who doesn't cause quite as 
much havoc upsetting flower pots and such!

Please meet:
"The Squirrel Tree"
This is a complete vignette . . . Squirrel, dear vintage children's story book
and 2 feather stitched woolen acorns with real acorn tops!
"Squirrel" wears a woolen vest with buttons down the front and a jaunty bow.
He is fully jointed, yet stands sturdily & freely with a wire armature.
His taupe mohair is hand shaded. and he is about 7.5" tall
Squirrel has a wired fluffy tail.  
He carries one little acorn and another is included.

Please email to purchase:

Have a sunny day!
Lori Ann


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Hi, Lori! I love your new banner! I haven't been around for a while, so maybe it's not really new ... but I love it, regardless! xo