Friday, August 2, 2013

Stitching progress . . .

A definite bit of progress on my stitching sampler.
This was such a wonderful class.   I loved that the focus was just on learning & refining stitches
so I didn't get totally "un-focused" working on design!
I think I could enjoy stitching bees and bugs all day . . .  and that scallop edging is one of my favorites!
Does it look like we are having fun?
These are a few photos from "Sue Spargo Inc." .  I invite you to inhale her website "store" !
Sue sources some of the best and most beautiful threads and fabrics in existence!  From cottons, velvets and wools to silken perle, silk chenille & valdani perle cotton, you will find "candy" at every turn!  Sue has designed her own line of fabrics and ribbons as well and those lovely woolens are hand dyed by her sister!
This is a true family business with her daughter Kelly and son Jason also playing important roles.
 If you ever have an opportunity . . . . Sue teaches her distinctive style of embellishment all over
the world.
If all that wasn't enough , Sue has also written a lovely book titled "Creative Stitching".
The spiral binding allows it to lie flat while you work, and there lots of photos and drawings to
help you learn at home!
Or in my case re-teach me when I forget!!
Find it on the Sue Spargo website.
Happy happy stitches!
Lori Ann


Jan Conwell said...

What feast for the eyes...your stitching and the colors you've used are incredible. Having done lots of embroidery for medieval costuming, I have long been a fan of how decorative stitching can transform a piece. Beautiful work you've done! And now I might have to see about that book. Not sure how I can apply this to doll costuming, but it seems inevitable. :~)

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Since reading this post, I am blaming you for part of my ADHD.
I was happily content just working little x's and punching some little loops. But now? yeah. Now I have to go get Sue's book (actually a few to stock in the shop) and wind some thread around my needle to create some bugs. Remember that piece I did for Ghoultide last year that combined all kinds of wool, metal thread and stitches? I need to do that some more.
Thanks for the kick in the panties.
Blessed be my Friend ~

Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

Hi Lori-Anne I bought that book and one of her kits a few months ago...I have perused the book but haven't gotten around to learning any of the techniques have inspired me though...just wish there were groups around here that did these types of classes...its mostly knit one, purl two in my neck of the woods...I stick out like a sore thumb LOL! hugs Susan

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Soooooooooooo most favorite bunny artist and my stitching idol all in the same room. I probably wouldn't be able to breathe. hee,hee,hee.
What fun!

Elma said...

So amazing!!!!