Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Wednesday . . .
"Wild Hare Wednesday" to be exact!
Please meet:
"Trick or Treat"
With a face like this you might just hand over ALL your Halloween Candy!
This little fellow stands just shy of 9" to ear tips.
Created from soft black mohair with wool felt ear linings and glass eyes,
he stands solidly on his own due to a wire armature in his legs.
His silly 2 toned pants and ruffs are stitched from antique polished cotton.
(Taken from an antique Halloween costume) 
"Trick or Treats" little hat is covered with cloth and embellished with
vintage Dresden trims.

Lori Ann


Willow said...

Oh my Happiest of Octobers !
What a lovely daring Hare ~ Trick or Treat is !

Kays Kids said...

What a cheeky boy. He is dressed just right for trick or treat.

Lee said...

He is so adorable!
I showed off my bunny (from Ghoultide) to a good friend today and she loves her as well as my top hat. I am a lucky woman! thank you for your talent~love your work!