Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hoppy New Year !

Yes . . .  a little cheesy I know, but the sentiment is nonetheless sincere!
We wish for you a year of  health and happiness!
I thought I'd share a little "rabbit habit" that you might find interesting!

"Rabbit rabbit rabbit" is one variant of a common British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word "rabbit", or say the phrase "white rabbits", or some combination of these elements, out loud upon waking (or the first moment) on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month. Today, it is a frequent tradition in many English speaking countries."
"In the United States the tradition is common in New England, in particular Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, although, like all folklore, determining its exact area of distribution is difficult. The superstition may be related to the broader belief in the rabbit or hare being a "lucky" animal as exhibited in the practice of carrying a rabbit's foot for luck"
(from wikipedia)

While I don't condone the rabbit's foot thing ~ Horrors!
There's no harm in uttering on of my favorite words at the beginning of each month 
to entice a little luck!

Rabbit ... Rabbit ... Rabbit !  
A Hoppy New Year to you and yours!
Lori Ann


missy said...

Happy New Year L! That is so funny you should say that about Rabbit,rabbit,rabbit. My maiden name being Rabbit says it all. I have been blessed and have good luck all year round! Hope you are feeling well and that 2014 brings you happiness and good heath!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

We have said this in my family for as long as I have memories....I remember my Mom saying I say it and have my hubby & dd saying it too ~ Especially today!
don't forget the black eyed peas today too!

the 'other L'

The French Bear said...

Happy New Year and may you have the blessings of many rabbits!!!!! I know I love my Mabel rabbit and I can't resist rubbing her fuzzy head when I pass her, lol. She always makes me happy when I see her in my front room....
Wishing you lots of love and light in 2014!