Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Studio . . . Day 2

While I didn't make as much physical headway today as I'd hoped,
I think I made a lot of "mental headway" !
First there was being "interrupted" by "having" to attend an antique show!
We began our day with breakfast out . . . (A great way to bribe husband into heading out early 
in the frigid cold for me to look thru lots of old stuff!)
The Worthington antique show is one of those lovely small local shows put on by
a historical society.  Many of the antiques are museum quality and just beautiful.
Funny tho . . .  after removing LOADS of old stuff from the studio yesterday it made me
behave myself more than usual!
(Except for a very sweet pair of early polka dot stockings you'll see below!)
Then it was off for groceries . . .  "putting in the supplies" for the
winter storm and days working on the studio ahead.
Finally Home Depot . . .  to paint or not to paint (patch?) color?
Too many choices!  We looked at lighting again as well, and trim . . .  hmmm I see
this project growing, "who said anything about trim?".
Next Lowes . . .  then back to Home Depot!
Soooooo . . .  After all that we decided to turn my old eyesore of a closet into
what I will call a "Sewing Pantry" !
Before photos are below, but you'll have to wait to see more . . . If it works out the way I hope!
I did take down curtains and filled every hole I could find!
Tomorrow we get out the saws, it so much fun to cut stuff, don't you think?
And . . . painting?
That too!
Previously this closet had brownish curtains and was packed full!
We took down the icky wire shelf and started mudding holes!
Lots of fun to come!
Just couldn't resist these at the antique show!
The sweetest brown and creme child's cotton stockings!
Just playing with furniture arrangement . . . . I think I could sew in this little corner of the world!
Nothing final yet tho. :-)
Stay toasty!
Lori Ann


Lee said...

Good start~looks like you have accomplished a lot!
Can't wait to see what you end up doing.
Thanks for sharing! 🐭hugs, Lee

April said...

Can't wait till another post with pictures!! Love it!

Kays Kids said...

I love seeing how people arrange their sewing space. Mine is so tiny I don't know where to start. So I usually start sewing in the kitchen.
I am interested in the next addition.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

you have been bitten by the bug!
glad I'm not the only one on this journey ~ I have BIG plans for my sewing room! cannot wait to see how yours turns out ~ and those little stockings are too darn sweet ~ love the color combo ;)

Jan Conwell said...

I'd love to remove my studio closet doors, but that's where I put the things my cat can't resist. Looking forward to seeing your project develop!

Anita said...

I'm beginning to feel inspired...Maybe you need to make a spare bedroom your storage room so you can keep your creative space less full...That is my dream...fantasy actually

The French Bear said...

Love the fresh new approach that has so many possibilities, I think I need to do the same!
The stockings are darling, I love the dots.... so sweet.
I can't wait to see what's next.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

We are getting there . . . . tho I think a few more "mind changes" are in the future! :-)
I am so enjoying your lovely comments!

Happy stitches to all!
Lori Ann