Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Studio . . . still !

OK . . .  I'll keep "pestering" you.
Not much to take a photo of in the studio today . . . much sorting out and a little tossing out.
It took me hours to organize buttons! 
I have enough buttons to last 100 lifetimes, and yet some days I can spend
an hour or more looking for just the "perfect" one!
The woolens are now neatly stacked into the mustard cupboard,
( as well as a second one down the hall).
It may look pretty now, but it surely won't last . . . . I give it a week!

So many colors, so little time!
Lori Ann


Elizabeth said...

Wish I was there to catch all that you tossed as you do have lots of lovely things in your studio. It's been fun to watch your progress. Happy bearing once you're all tidy.

Kays Kids said...

It looks better every day. You have such lovely colours. I adore the little draws.

Jan Conwell said...

Love the piles of's a poem in wool. :~)

Doreen said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Your new space is coming along wonderfully.

ENJOY ~ Doreen

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

i could fall head first into that beautiful wool!

Lady Locust said...

Aren't wools just delicious?

Jillayne said...

Your studio is looking great - I have loved following along with you as it comes together. I laughed out loud when you wondered how one room could fill two - I think I have the same issue here... Like you, I have gone through all of my supplies and purged everything that does not inspire me, and also like you, I have the same disclaimer - there is a lot that does!
Looking forward to seeing the end result....

Elma said...

Looks so beautiful!!!

pussman and co said...

I know the feeling! :) life is to short