Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Wild Hare Wednesday . . .

Hello . . . 
I think today is more a "Gentle Hare Wednesday" !
Please meet:
Master Rabbit Anticipates Spring
A bit larger bunny today  . . .  Master Rabbit measures about 14"
to his ear tips.
His mohair is a lovely soft honey~beige with a cocoa backing.
(it's so difficult to describe colors!) ~ More details are below the photos.
In the last photos he is staring at his woolen carrots wondering if
he shall ever see a real one again!
No worries Master Rabbit . . .  the sun is shining and spring is on it's way!
Ship $14.00
Please email to purchase:
Master Rabbit is an apprentice to E.B. (Easter Bunny) !
He has been entrusted with the key to the egg paint vault . .  a very important job!
He keeps it close at hand! (paw?)
Master Rabbit's dapper outfit consists of a lined woolen vest complete with tails!
(2 actually . . .  2 on the vest and his own!  And a jaunty double bow
of vintage ribbon at his neck.
Master Rabbits carrots are hand dyed wool and each one embellished with a
different stitch!

YAY . . .  the sun is out!

Lori Ann


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

xxxxxx him!

Kays Kids said...

I do love Mr. Rabbit. His expression is wonderful. You are so clever.

Dolores' Cottage said...

Mr. Rabbit is wonderful! The details are just adorable. And such a great face.