Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Say Hello to Wednesday!

Happy Sunny Wednesday to you!
It's quite chilly here in Ohio, but yesterday's snow is gone
and that make me a happy little chickie!
Speaking of chicks!

Please meet:
What a Mother Hen . . . 
Mother Hen is created from hand dyed mohair.  Standing about 9.25" tall, she is fully
 jointed and stands sturdily on her wired and painted feet.  Her tail is wired as well.
 She has glass eyes a painted beak and a soft motherly expression.
Baby chickie is nestled (with wee eggs) into the most unusual and sweetest
 Antique Easter Basket I have ever seen!  It's a little Easter pram!
(The basket measures about 4.5 x 4.5 x 4)
Mother Hen's dress is stitched from a beautiful early paisley with shades of pink
and soft cocoa.  It ties in the back above her sweet tail.
Her bonnet is hand dyed wool with vintage ribbon ties.
For those chilly evenings she has a little stole to match her dress,
cinched with a tiny antique bar pin. 
Mother Hen, Baby & Pram ~ The complete vignette!
One of a Kind . . .
ship $14.00
Please email to purchase:

Lori Ann


donna said...

Totally adorable, I'm sure someone is going to be very happy giving this adorable chick a great home!

Kays Kids said...

SO gorgeous. I love the expression on mother hens face.

Mary Goode said...

Mother Hen and precious! Beautiful and creative pieces coming from your studio, Lori Ann! A Blessed Easter to you!