Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fleeting . . .

Synonyms: brief, short, short lived, quick, momentary, cursory, transient 
ephemeral, fugitive, passing, transitory: Literary: evanscent

The summer days are fleeting or even evanescent if you will. 
One afternoon I'm posting about our beautiful hydrangeas then upon those heels
about the first colors of fall!
Oh how we giggled when our elders complained about the days passing by too quickly, 
until that is, we have become those elders noticing the same.
Photos are a true testament to how quickly our days pass. 
The differences seen in just a week . . . recorded as a reminder.
Each day is a gift to be savored and held on to!
(I do hope I'm not posting about snow next week!)
Enjoy the day . . .
Lori Ann


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

With temps in the high 90's I'm ready for some cooler weather. Not ready for snow--sweater weather and fall colors yes

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

At least you have had hydrangeas. Mine suffered such damage from the harsh Winter I'm still waiting for them to bloom.
I do love the Autumn though and I'm sure you look forward to all the wonderful shows you're in this year.
Susan x

Elizabeth said...

Here in England, the summer has been lovely but it's disappeared early this year and the autumnal weather is certainly here, the mornings are chilly and the blackberries are in abundance. Enjoy the rest of your Fall weather before the snow arrives.....stay snug.