Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A little closer to fall!

Hello friends & welcome to Wild Hare Wednesday.
As we inch ever closer to fall, the days grow shorter and cooler
and our thoughts turn to witches (the good kind) and pumpkins!
Please enjoy today's offerings.

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Happy later summer & almost fall!
Lori Ann
#1 ~ A Wee Witch in Training
Wee Witch is about 10" from ear tips to pointy toes.
Created from soft black mohair with pointy witches toes she is weighted to
be cuddly (as all good witches are!)
Wee Witch is dressed in early fabrics, from her print skirt to her lace shawl 
with early button.  Her hat is wool felt with a matching trim.
Her trusty companion wee mouse (a pin keep) is at her side!
Such a good little witch!
Bunny & pin keep set: 
ship $10.00
#2 ~ Mouse on a Dotty Pumpkin
Created all from mohair.  Wee mouse is black mohair while his pumpkin 
is hand dyed mohair with subtle hand dyed dots.
A wool leaf and wire curly complete.
About 3.75" h x 4.5" w.
weighted to sit nicely.
ship $8.00

Enjoy your day!

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Anastasia Fedorova said...

Very cute little witch! :)