Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ghoultide Gathering ~ Oct. 4th.

Ghoultide Gathering is a wonderful show.
NO WAIT ~ Let me re-phrase that ~
 Ghoultide Gathering is ONE AWESOME PARTY !
Where you can also purchase the best in Halloween artwork
and meet some amazing artists.
 ~ Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore put their hearts and souls
into this event . . .
it's fun, it's frolicking & "there's dancing in the aisles"!
I always feel a little overwhelmed at this show . . .  my work is 
truly humble next to the talents of these artisans.
I'm honored to be included.

Enjoy a few tasty tidbits of what's in store!
(You still have time to hop in the car ~ The show's not till Saturday!)
All the details are here:

Thanks for peeking in!
Lori Ann

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