Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Simple Gifts . . .

Simple gifts ~ by hand & heart.
Each year we enjoy crafting something simple and lovely
for dear friends and family.
A few years ago we came upon the idea of homemade Vanilla.
(Who doesn't like vanilla?)
The process is quite simple yet, the results sublime.
The perfect simple gift.
Handcrafted Bourbon Vanilla
Simple and lovely packaging.
Would you like to try your hand at crafting your own vanilla?
The ratio of bourbon to vanilla beans is about 5 beans to one cup of bourbon.  
For gift giving we chose to make 4oz. bottles.  
A 1.75 L bottle of bourbon will make a bit over 1 dozen 4oz. bottles.
For each bottle we slit the beans lengthwise (to help the good stuff get out) then
 cut them in half to fit in the bottles.
Put 2.5 ~ 3 vanilla beans into each bottle.
Fill with Bourbon and cap. The Vanilla needs to age about 8 weeks before using.
(We write this on the tag )
This vanilla will be rich, it may not be a clear as filtered store bought, but the flavor
will be amazing! You can scrape the beans for use in cooking as well!
We added sweet tag with our sentiment and a bow .

~ Now for our "special trick"
To make our vanilla all the richer we use a bit lesser brand of 
bourbon yet filter it an additional 15 times at home with a Britta Pitcher! 
(You would be amazed at the difference . . .  even for sipping!)

We purchased our 4oz. bottles and Madagascar Vanilla Beans via Amazon.
(The vanilla Beans are from Olive Nation ~ You may enjoy their website!)

From our home to yours ~ Merry Christmas!
Lori Ann & Michael


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

wonderful! I've been making my own ice cream, so this fits the bill ~ perhaps some will accompany our tirumasu tomorrow :)

wishing you everything merry & bright!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Merry Christmas!!!