Friday, January 9, 2015

Finding your calling . . .

I recently read a lovely article on the Yankee Magazine website about "Callings".
I've been wondering lately, what separates a calling from a job you love?  
Is it passion? Is it the way your heart pounds when a new idea hits?
I love what I do, mind you, but there are other voices that "call" to
me.  Rug hooking, wool appliqué, gardening, antiques and more.
 For now I've not much time to listen and pursue them, but
if they keep nudging me I wonder where they may lead.
Is it possible to have more than one "calling" in life?
I am blessed ~ I have pursued 2 passions in my work life, food and stitching. 
Are these callings? Or are they something a little different?
I wonder, is there a true "calling" around the corner?
One that will present itself to me a little later in life when I quietly sit and listen.
I don't know, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open!

This quote is from the end of the article ~ It speaks to me!

" Her story is a testament to how wonderful and bizarre life can be. It's a reminder that our life stories aren't over until they put us in the ground. No matter how old we are, everyday comes with the possibility that perhaps some new passion may sink it's hooks into us and drag us on an adventure. On any given day, we may be called to some new purpose and the next chapter of our life may be the most wonderful and meaningful of them all."
Justin Shatwell

Here is the full article:

Follow where your passion leads you !
Lori Ann


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I believe that we need to listen to our inner voices.
I believe that little voice speaks volumes of our truths.
and I believe that we do exactly what we are meant to do at exactly the right time we are meant to do it ;)

this quote works best for me when my inner voice whispers and I wrestle with doubt of beginning yet another new 'something':

"how do we ever expect to get 'found' if we never allow ourselves to get a little 'lost'?"

I'm sure wherever your path will lead, we'll be happy to follow, ... if you allow us the pleasure my friend.

Doreen said...

L...I had my own comment ready and then I read Lori's above..I could not have said it I am saying

Ditto to what Lori B said!

I'm not quite sure what it is, in us, that causes us to put off what we dream of doing butI do know that many of us do. Myself, I always feel guilty about starting something new...even when it's something I've always dreamed of doing. I try to remember and remind myself that we must listen to those small voices...they are there for a good reason not merely to distract us.

Wishing you a great day, D

Pamela Gracia said...

I enjoyed this post tremendously Lori Ann....I for one can say that following your inner voice leads you to finding your "bliss"... Life is about being content and happy which enables you to share it with others. Often we do our sharing in the creativity that comes from our inner voices.

I think Lori said it best
"how do we ever expect to get 'found' if we never allow ourselves to get a little 'lost'?"

I think getting lost often results in an adventure :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful post and It really makes you think about it!
I don't think anybody can say it better than Lori did!!!
I don't know about you but I like to adventure and see where it might lead...
Prim Blessings

Z said...

This seems so timely as we begin a new year. Thank you for posting it. May our adventures take us to amazing places.

Lana Manis said...

So much food for thought, Lori Ann! As you know I've struggled with finding my place, but I thought I had to choose one thing over the other. I'm learning differently now. I believe if your heart's in it, all will be well. And you have such heart and talent, I think whatever you feel led or called to do will be a success and bring you joy. ♥