Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Tis Wild Hare Wednesday!

Welcome to a cold and cloudy Wednesday!
No snow today, but the flakes we had yesterday were

Please meet:
"A Little Flakey"
The sweetest of winter squirrels sits atop a woolen snowball.
The ball is embellished with woolen snowflakes, teeny ric-rac and
other stitches.
Flakey himself is created from taupe mohair and has quite the fluffy tail!
He wears a woolen muffler to ward off the January chill, and holds
a woolen acorn with a real acorn top!
Overall height about 7" to tail top. Weighted to sit nicely.
A little friend to warm your heart on a winter day!

To purchase please email:

Stay toasty!
Lori Ann


bayrayschild said...



tj said...

...I'm a lil' flakey too and I wanna be that cute! Adorable Lori Ann! :o)

...Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lori, A little Flakey is absolutely the sweetest thing! Glad he got a warm wonderful home.

Starr White said...

Unbelievably adorable! Michelle May of The Raspberry Rabbits sent me your way, and I'm so grateful. Can't wait to see more of your darling little creations :)