Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A wild hare winter . . .

Hello . . .

Just 16 days till spring and here in Ohio and like many parts of the 
country we await her arrival with bated breath and crossed fingers!

As it's still "white" here . . .  today's friend
has been created in the gentle colors of winter.
(a last hurrah of sorts!)

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Bluster is a gentle soul . . . and since the days are still chilly
he wears his hand knitted muffler to ward off the cold!
Even his woolen carrot is in winter colors . . .  maybe that makes it a turnip :-)
Bluster is created from soft beige mohair with hand dyed and subtly
shaded spots.  He has paw pads and ear linings of wool felt & his eyes 
are glass. He is about 11" to ear tips, and is weighted with steel shot to
be quite cuddly!

Stay toasty!
Lori Ann


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So Sweet!

Starr White said...

Oh that sweet little face!! Simply adorable. I know it's art, but I would have to cuddle this little guy every now and then:)

susan hemann said...

very sweet! I live close to Lake Erie on the west side, it is cold and I'm ready for Spring!! Going to decorate for Spring this weekend anyway.