Thursday, January 21, 2016

Making Do . . .

Hello Friends,

     From early in my antique collecting days the make-do has intrigued me.
Whether by the joining of 2 broken items to make one, or the use of naive materials 
to repair a loved piece of furniture or utilitarian object, there was a sense 
that the item still held great worth.
This worth may have been due to sentimental value or simply because another was
not readily available, hence the need to make it do.
Photos courtesy of Pinterest
My favorite pie safe has the most lovely make-do repairs. Tin pieces cover holes
where once a mouse or other creature chewed his way through in search of something
tasty or maybe a quiet place to nest. Obviously the first repair didn't stop him,
as there are three such repairs!. 
The punched tins on this piece are absolutely gorgeous, with columns topped by
birds, the color is a time softened red, and yet , it was the tin repairs that "got me" !
In my collecting, I'm not one to look for perfect, I look only for what my eyes
see as beautiful. I have crocks held together with wire strapping, a wooden bowl
with crude leather lashing, A blanket chest with a mis-matched leg and various
textiles and toys with lovely early repairs.
Note dolly's one carved hand
Being a stitcher by trade, this love of make-do's meant falling in love with the
make-do pincushion.
Early examples are often mounted atop simple pedestals of glass or tin.
The "pincushion" portion might be created from scraps of worn clothing or bedding
and stuffed with yet more scraps or if one was lucky, wool from their own flock.
In my own work, these simple yet beautiful utilitarian objects served as great 
inspiration to create my own pincushions, on pedestals and with a mohair friend
on top.
The idea of making-do permeates my work in the use of old fabrics, buttons,
trims and accessories.  An early repair on a textile only adds to the charm and
sense that it was meant to live on.
I hope to explore the make-do even further as the year progresses.

Now . . .  why am I telling you all this?

I am spending many hours on the living room sofa these days.
Across the room is the before mentioned lovely pie-safe, making me smile 
each time I glance up.
This will be my main perch throughout the long recovery from my broken leg.
In-between naps, hops thru the house (with a walker of course) and exercises, I've had
a bit of time to peruse photos, re-read favorite books and think.
It came to light that after my most recent surgery, that I too, 
am a MAKE-DO!
Leg on the "bendy machine"
Only the surgeons rough stitches and the leftover holes from my "fixator" are
visible, but I know that what lies underneath is a surgeons form of making-do.
I do know that in reality there are shiny plates, screws and ugly black sutures.
BUT ~  in my mind, I see strips of rusted tin, held tight with tiny brads all in a row.
If I don't look, I can picture linen threads, tiny stitches and
little x's placed just so.
Oh, and maybe a perfect bit of darning or calico patch over those holes.
Now this is more like it! 
For now I'm making-do, this leg is not what it once was, yet for utilitarian 
and sentimental reasons it holds great worth!

Lori Ann

To read more about the "Make-Do" see these wonderful books!

By: Donald P. Naetzker


bayrayschild said...

Awww Lori, so sorry to hear about your leg but I'm wishing you speedy healing!
Thank you for sharing the pics! I too have a soft spot for things that have been repurposed or mended to give it another chance at being useful.

Hugs, Audrey

Myra said...

It's difficult to have to be "laid up" for a while. Last month when I was under the weather, I spent my time reading your book ... page... by page... by page. It was so inspiring and now I'm ready for my first project .... thank you for that! May you recover quickly and bring us here in blog land more of your incredible God given talents.

Orange Sink said...

Oh so sorry to learn of your broken leg Lori! Mend soon but never lose your beautiful outlook and way of story telling! Wonderful post!!
Sending hugs and healing energies,
Cathy G

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

My sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery Lori.
My daughter had her back broken in a serious accident two years ago and the only time except for cold days she is reminded of it is when she goes through the detector at the airport. The screws and pins will set off the alarm.
Making do and hand dids shall be on your agenda for awhile. And of course lots of rest with your leg up!
Susan x

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lori Ann,
I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you heal quickly.
Hugs :)


So sorry to hear about your leg! I hope you are feeling better soon! Sending lots of bear hugs your way!

Christine LeFever said...

You are forever a sweetheart, dear Lori. And I am proud to say that I own both of those wonderful books.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful observations.



Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

I love how your mind and soul are processing this unfortunate "make do" process with the leg. I hope it mends well and you can still hobble about amongst your treasures and stitch your stories. Love the share and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kurt Schindler said...

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

Enjoyed your photos and comments re: make do. Need to check out the books.


Brenda524 said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery...

By Thy Hands Tinkerings said...

Oh gosh, here's to a speedy recovery Lori. ☺ hugs my friend.

Silent Stitches said...

Get well wishes....So sorry to read about your leg! Here's hoping that you are on the mend and will be as good as new very soon!
Take care! ~C

Lana Manis said...

Oh, Lori Ann! I am so sorry! I was enjoying your post... until I got to the reason behind it. I'll be praying for your quick recovery. If there's one good thing to be said, maybe, at least it's in the winter when you wouldn't be getting out as much anyway.

I have the second book you mentioned... and have enjoyed it for years!


Myra said...

Lori Ann .... As I was working on my wool applique today and using Rebekah Smith's book I realized I had mistook you (Lori Ann) for Rebekah Smith. I thought I had better set the record straight. You are both exquisite artists. My apologies for the mistake. May God's grace be with you.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Thank you for your kind comments everyone!
(and . . no worries Myra!) ;-)


Sue said...

Oh No! Lori,, I hope your leg heals up quickly! So sorry to hear, sending healing prayers and thoughts!!

BumbleVee said...

best wishes for your recovery on your poor leg....

susan hemann said...

i share your love for make-do's, i love to create using old or found objects