Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A January Wednesday . . .

Hello . . . 
Tho we've no snow on the ground ~ 
January still makes me dream
of soft winter whites.

Should you like to purchase today's offering, please email:

Willy Winter Heart
A sweet teddy of the softest "Winter White" ANTIQUE mohair.
Newer mohair is beautiful . . . but in my mind and hands, 
nothing can compete with a piece of fabric that has 
the softness of age and rarity to it!
Willy is about 11" long from heels to ears and is stuffed softly 
with steel shot for added weight. 
He wears a brown houndstooth hand dyed woolen scarf and carries
a very sweet pin keep of the same wool with attached stuffed heart!
ship $10.00

To Winter Dreams . . . 
Lori Ann

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