Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Up to and next up . . .

Hello friends,
I hope you are all enjoying the waning days of spring and the lead up to full-on summer.
Here in Ohio (as in other places as well) our weather has been just plain confused!
Winter seemed long, spring shot right to summer before settling into "normal", and overall it's been quite wet.
However, I do know that many of the plants and trees when left to their own devices, kind of instinctively know what to do!
The long winter that everyone felt would hurt the blooming trees, seemed to make them bolder, brighter and fuller than ever with blooms and fruit!
(Maybe a wee bit of a "middle finger" moment from Mother Nature ~ Ha!)

It's been 2 years since I've been able to really get into my gardening and I've so missed the stress relief  and healing power of getting my fingers deep into the earth.
After over a year of healing from my broken leg (2016), then taking care of mother and husband thru their own health issues, I felt strong enough and motivated this year to attack the gardens with a vengeance. 2 years of pent up non-gardening can be dangerous!
Stones were laid, Hosta's split and moved, trees planted, weeds pulled and I have loved every sweaty minute of it!
We are far from finished (a garden never is) ~ but I'm happy with the overall peacefulness.
(Those of you who have followed along for years may remember our "Colonial Kitchen Garden", built in 2009.
Well, we had it removed last year as the cypress trees were over shadowing and affecting growth terribly. A little sad, but we've moved a few veggies to the side of the house and everything seems much less overwhelming now.)
About rocks . . . gotta love a man who buys you the perfect "rock" for your birthday.
Especially ones covered in dirt and moss!
OH yes  . . .  about work!
(See how distracted I get when gardening?)
Yes, I've been working. 
Mostly behind the scenes and have way too many things started and irons in the fire, 
but this is my usual MO.
I'll be adding more kits and bits to the "Mercantile" on Monday June 18th. at 10 am EST.
I also have quite a batch of small pincushions finished and because there are so many I'll list them on the Mercantile as well.  (Juggling emails for so many small pieces might prove a nightmare, so I think this will work best).
I am also working a small collection of patriotic friends.
I will offer those on the Gallery page of this blog in the usual manner at a date to be announced soon!

Enjoy whatever your day brings!
Lori Ann

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Prims By The Water said...

I went all out this year in my garden too! Yours looks good! Janice