Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hello and back to the future . . .

Just a little November hello to all of you before another month (or year) ends.
The "back to the future" part of this note is this . . . 
I've not been very good at posting on my blog for the last year or two,  (or 3) but 
I really am going to do better.
I miss it.
I remember when blogging was the big techy thing of the future.
Then facebook and other social media took over. There aren't enough 
minutes in a day to post, blog, work and attend to the realities of life. We all 
know which of these is most important, right?
I've never been a big "poster" on facebook. I use it mainly for the 
From Our Hands show, and for that it works well to get the word out.
It's also a great place for stitchers all over the world to unite.
But . . . . 
I'm finding facebook too political and too filled with anger.
It moves too fast for me, it's too many people and I need my world to quiet a little.
(I will still promote our show there, but you'll find out about my work, shows and life here and thru my newsletter ~ see sign up in right sidebar.)
I do like instagram as it's more about pretty photos, but I'm sad that it's owned by facebook and afraid of what it will become.
I guess it's a lesser of 2 evils, so for now you will still find my photos there.
Pinterest ~ I loved it in the begining . . . I still use it for inspiration and try to keep my work page up to date, but all the ads make me anxious and are SO distracting. 
Shouldn't looking at pretty photos be a calming experience?
To this end . . .  I'm going to be blogging more.
I can type, breathe, post a pretty photo and go along my way.
(No need for me to "like" everything ~ no need for you to feel obligated to comment ~ 
just know that I appreciate your taking time to share in my little world.)

So back to what was once the future, it may be "old fashioned" now, 
but ~ I'm kinda old fashioned too!

Lori Ann


woolwoman said...

I am going to comment Lori Ann, I've been blogging for over 10 years now. TO me it's just what it was supposed to be " a web journal" of my needlework life and a little bit of family stuff thrown in. I still love reading blogs - they are so much more personal than FB or any other social media - tweeting FORGET IT !!! I do post some on FB because like you said it's a great forum for getting the word out to the needlework community and for the most part they are very supportive - the group admins make it so. I love your creations - I was lucky enough to be gifted a small one and it is treasured in my house. One day I will be lucky enough to grab another one. Happy blogging and happy thanksgiving - Mel

Phoenix Bear Maker said...

Welcome home! You were missed here. Looking forward to your posts.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I love this photo of you and that angel-baby ~ precious moments that mean more than anything.
I love My blog, my blog followers and how it doesn’t have to be anything more than what we want it to be for that post...we can be ourselves there and not have to think twice about it. Happy to know you will be posting here more, I have always enjoyed your thoughts, words and photos!

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I'm so glad to read that I am not alone in my feelings about FB, Instagram, Pinterest. I miss the times before they took over the world. I always look forward to your blog posts. I would also like to get back to it, I feel like I have forgotten how. Maybe you'll inspire me to begin writing again. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lana Manis said...

I feel exactly the same! I have wanted to start blogging regularly again and you've inspired me to try one more time.
That sure is a sweetie pie in your arms!