Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Little Harvester

It's harvest time and this little bunny
is very good at his job.
Especially when harvesting carrots!

He is a mere 8.5" tall to his ear tips and created from mohair
that is no longer available.
(I'm very sad!)
This is the very last bunny from this lovely mohair, what a prefect
rabbit color!
He is weighted with steel shot making him sink into
the palm of your hand.
His little pack basket is filled with
tiny carrots of vintage velvet.
The basket is also my last!

All this makes him a lovely little one of a kind!

The Little Harvester:
Ship $10.00

Please email to purchase:

Lori Ann


tj said...

...I just love this one! Of course, *sigh*, I love all of 'em... :o)

...So sad to hear that you can no longer get this type of mohair Lori Ann, it is adorable. Do you get your mohair from Edinburgh Imports? The only reason I ask is they have the nicest, most helpful person there, her name is "Lisa". I purchased a kit from them last year (which is still in kit form), again *sigh*... :o\

...Have a great day and blessings too... :o)

William Bezek said...

Adorable! Love the velvet carrots, he must have been picking those for his buddy...the velveteen rabbit.

Tatkis said...

Such a sweet bunny! Wonderful!

Best wishes,