Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mother Nature ~ you are a tease !

What a tease Mother Nature is!
We had a lovely white Christmas with a light dusting of snow and quite frigid temps.
Just enough to look white and clean and magical.
Today, a mere 3 days later it was over 50 degrees in Ohio!
I'm not complaining mind you . . . we spent the day outside catching up on
some yard work that had been de-railed by the busy-ness of the season and
winter weather.
Today we raked, and trimmed and raked some more, it felt wonderful
to breathe the cool fresh air and to work these aged muscles.
If I didn't know better I'd have thought it was a spring day!
I found dogwood buds, Siberian Iris peeking through the dirt and
bits of parsley and thyme looking almost spring green.
Such a tease she is ~ I know more winter is in our future, but just for today
I could pretend it was spring and get my fingers in the dirt.
It made me smile . . . 
A bit of green parsley thru the garden gate
Siberian Iris peeking out
Dogwood buds amid the Christmas lights
I hope your day made you smile . . .
Lori Ann

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jennifer768 said...

Lovely pics!It was warm here today in well.I even found a lone dandelion in bloom,such a surprise to see it.Have a Happy New Year! Blessings,Jen