Saturday, April 1, 2017

A little behind . . . .

Hello everyone!

Please join me for an online show of Spring Friends . . .
Tuesday evening ~ April, 4th.
8pm EST

To be held on the "Gallery" page of this blog.
For those of you new to my blog . . .

Yep ~ sums it up!
"The hurrier I go . . . the behind I get"
I've always loved this quote from Alice In Wonderland.
It seems to define much of my life, but especially the last year and a half.

For those of you new to this blog, thank you &  here's the quick run down.  ~ 15 months ago I broke my leg very badly,  ( ) so of course much of 2015 was a wash, but I worked as much as I could.  ~ Just as I hit my year anniversary, husband needed to have a shoulder replacement.  (He's doing great!)
During that time my 93 year old mother fell and we had to attend to getting her back up and running.
Mother has been doing wonderfully and is happy to be back home, but we did have another hiccup with a 4 day hospitalization for her last week.
(But again ~ she's home & doing great!)
Needless to say . . . . I'm "BEHINDER" than ever.
I'd hoped for an online show last Wednesday - Nope!
Then I'd hoped for Sunday ~ Nope!
BUT . . .
I WILL be ready for Tuesday evening!!
(Fingers and toes crossed please)

(Oh yes . . .  and the From Our Hands Retreat is coming up in about 3 weeks!)

On a good note . . . I saw my leg surgeon on Thursday and 
I'm done ~ released ~ graduated ~ YIPPEE
A few bits to still work on, but as great as he was we are happy to have one less Dr. on the schedule right now!

Stay healthy!
Lori Ann


susan hemann said...

glad your leg is good now! i know about the best laid plans...

Unknown said...

Good to hear you're healing. Your bunny is so sweet.

woolwoman said...

good news you were cleared by your dr. I hope I can snag a bunny on the 4th - it's my dad's birthday and I think I deserve some good luck
Cheers Mel

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear your leg is healed and hubby and mom are doing great.
Hugs :)

kathiquilts said...

glad to hear everyone in your household is all fixed up and back where they belong. Looking forward to the show tomorrow