Sunday, August 25, 2019

Stitching together the fabric of friendship . . .

Those who love to stitch quite often find themselves in friendships
with others who share that love.
Whether as work or hobby, there is always something new to learn
from others. The excitement of discovering new fabrics, threads, techniques & tools
is easily understood by those who "get it", because they love it too.
Since early days, we've stitched together in groups, at jobs, quilting bees,
in classes, or to pass the time while mending. Chatting and catching up
on each other's lives is a part of this, however, just being amongst friends
and stitching in silence is good for the soul.

I'm honored to be a small part of this new wool projects book.
This lovely book is written by Rebekah L. Smith and her daughter Kelsey.
They asked other "stitcher friends" to contribute a pattern,
then they complemented those with a "Rebekah" project as well.
In the book you will find 16 different projects in wool appliqué, embroidery,
rug hooking, punch needle, sewn rug making
and my own 3 dimensional Bluebird pincushion.

Thank you Rebekah and Kelsey for including me in this project of friendship!
Lori Ann
Tomorrow, Monday August 26th, I will be offering a "Wool and Bits" kit
for this sweet "Nested Bluebird" pincushion.  
The shop will be updated at 10am EST.
You will need the book for pattern/instructions and can purchase it
by using this link.
To keep cost down, and because most stitchers 
already have an array of threads to choose from, the kit will include:
hand dyed wool, ribbon, bead eyes, wool felt for beak. washers for
weight, card stock for a base and a sticker to sign your work.
You can purchase the kit thru my "mercantile shop" below:

I will also be re-stocking a few other kits and supplies at the same time!

Happy stitches to you & your friends.

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