Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Another Manic Wednesday . . .

Hello and Welcome!
I'm down to the wire today, finishing my offerings this morning
after being a bit sleepy last night.
Then photos and loading it's now 11:46 and I'm rushing!
But they are here and it's TWINS!!!
(ps: camera angles are tricky . . . each photo almost makes each one look different or alike!)

Should you like to purchase, please send an email to:
(state payment method as well please, pay pal, CC or check ;-)

Because I have TWINS . . . 
The best way to do this is first emails gets #1
Second email gets #2

Please meet the twins:
Rusty & Copper
Rusty & Copper are sweet 8" teddies of lovely hand dyed mohair!
Each is  fully jointed, weighted nicely with steel shot, has wool felt paws 
and glass eyes. They boys we are pants of a wonderful early cotton with 
leather suspenders and teeny metal buttons. A ruff of vintage ribbon
encircles each neck. To top it all off each wears a paper hat of vintage
crepe paper, decorated with cotton and crepe.  A tiny black velvet pumpkin will
accompany each teddy!
Yay for cooler days . . . tho we've a few hot ones to get thru!
Lori Ann

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