Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hello Wednesday . . .

Hello everyone,
Fall is most definitely here, it's sunny with a nip in the air.
Oh how I wish I could put it in my pocket 
to keep till Spring!

Enjoy today's offering.
Should you like to purchase, please send an email to:
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Please meet:
Here Kitty!
"Here Kitty" is a "ghostly" and pudgy little kitten.
She is created from soft beige, wavy mohair with wool felt ear
linings and glass eyes.  Nicely weighted with Steel shot, she
will nestle gently into the palm of your hand.
Kitty wears a ruff of vintage ribbon, wee rusty bells down her belly 
and a hat created from vintage crepe and Dresden trim.
Oh yes, and she has her own we velvet pumpkin too!
About 7" tall (8" + with hat)
ship $14.00
Meowwwwww . . . 
Lori Ann

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