Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It's Wednesday!

Hello . . .
Now that my show is behind me I'll do my best to have
an offering here on "Wild Hare Wednesday" each week.

Should you like to purchase please send an email to:
(state preferred payment method too - pay pal, credit card or check)

Dressed for the November chill, please meet:
"Joey in his Jumper"
Joey won't catch a cold this winter!
He is dressed in a custom knit, merino wool jumper. 
A woolen scarf is tied round his neck and for a
little holiday spirit a wee bell is added.
Joey is about 7.5 " tall, created from soft German mohair,
with wool felt paw pads. He is stuffed squishy and heavy 
with steel shot to nestle into your hand.
(He comes along with a vintage style brush tree!)
ship $10

Stay warm!
Lori Ann

1 comment:

Debora Hoffmann said...

Joey is a sweetie! <3