Thursday, September 29, 2016

thank you . . .

Once again I offer my humble thanks to all of you!
What an amazing adventure the Ghoultide Gathering was.
From the beginning transformation of a simple pole barn to the 
magical experience Ghoultide has become in a mere 10 years.
Thank you . . . .
But . . .  as they say, "no moss grows on rolling stone"!
It's time to hunker down in the studio once again. 
A fast switch is needed to create more traditional &winter holiday items. 
Such is my world ~ Halloween is yet a month away yet
I need to get my brain wrapped around winter squirrels, Santas and warm fuzzies!
Next up on the agenda is the lovely FROM OUR HANDS show!
Won't you join us?
Oh . . .  & last but no least ~ I'm finishing up a last few Halloween pieces
and will offer those for sale on:
 Sunday evening ~ October 2 
On the "gallery" page of this blog!

Ever yours,
Lori Ann

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ghoultide Gathering!

We hope to see you this year at Ghoultide Gathering!
2016 marks the 10th year for this wonderful Halloween event.
 I'm proud and humbled to have been a small part from the very beginning.
Won't you come celebrate with us?
Wonders await!

Saturday ~ Sept. 24 ~ Chelsea, MI
All the details:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Wild Hare . . .

Hello friends . . .
Today's "Wild Hare" is truly a Wild Hare!
OR is he A Bunny? A Panda? An Ewok?

Should you like to purchase please email:

Please meet BOO!
The most difficult little fellow to photograph, with his black and off white contrast ~ what a 
way to confuse the camera!  ~ But I digress . . .
Boo is a sweet and silly bunny of black and off white soft mohair.  He has rusty orange wool
felt ear linings and foot pads and is weighted nicely with steel shot to cuddle right into
your hands!
He wears a ruff and "buttons" of vintage seam binding and carries a velvet pumpkin
with real stem! Just shy of 9" to his ear tips.
ship $7.00

Have a Happy Wednesday!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

hello . . . .

As summer comes to an end, visual cues hint of the season to come.
A simple leaf on the ground, 2 crows frolicking in the yard, the yellowing
of leaves in the kitchen garden, beckoning harvest time.
Each year I am impatient for fall . . . maybe it's awaiting the "cues" to inspire
new friends, maybe it's just that it holds my "Palette", the one that makes me feel at peace.
Year 'round, my colors of choice are the rich reds, golds, olive greens and pumpkin hues.
They surround us in our home and these colors of the earth have always been my favorites
to work with in the studio.

As I begin working on pieces for the 10th. anniversary Ghoultide Gathering,
I'll pop in with a few fall friends here as well!

Lori Ann

Should you like to purchase today's offering, please email:

The Boy with the Amber Eyes
A dear teddy of soft black mohair.  His eyes are German amber glass with black pupils.
He is fully jointed, weighted nicely with steel shot and has wool felt paw pads.
This Boy wears a ruffle of vintage seam binding, wee ruff & pom 
buttons complete his look!
A very sweet 8" from ear to heel.
He comes with his very own velvet pumpkin ~ complete with real stem!
Ship $7.00

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's Wild Hare Wednesday !

Hello again . . .
Oh my, the Wednesdays seem to roll around quickly.
I guess this is how the days, weeks, months and years get past us in a blink!

Should you like to purchase either of today's offerings 
please send an email to:

Lori Ann

#1 ~ Hip Hip 
A sweet wee mohair teddy is patriotically outfitted with a ruff of antique flag 
bunting, custom paper hat and vintage flag.  All nestled into
an antique Red painted wooden shoe with real goose feather sprigs , 
twigs and "amber waves of grain" !
Overall: from Ribbon top to shoe toe 11"
Shoe - 8" & Teddy 6"
Ship $12.00
#2 ~ Hooray
Hip Hip's brother ~ Another sweet wee mohair teddy is patriotically outfitted 
with a ruff of antique flag bunting, custom paper hat and vintage flag.  
All nestled into an antique Blue painted wooden shoe with real goose 
feather sprigs , twigs and "amber waves of grain" !
Overall: from Ribbon top to shoe toe 11"
Shoe only - 8" & Teddy 6"
Ship $12.00

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just a Tuesday . . .

Boxes packed and out the door on this very 
YUMMY Tuesday morning!
A favorite scone recipe from :
"Smitten Kitchen"
(I used fresh blueberries instead of dried cranberries today :-)

Have a yummy day,
Lori Ann

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Please join me . . .

My most humble thanks to everyone who popped by the online show last evening!
I love what I do . . . and it's because of you!
Lori Ann

Please do stop by for an online show of Americana friends!
Sunday evening, July 10th.
8pm EST
To be held on the "Gallery" page of this blog.

Hope to see you soon,
Lori Ann