Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Wool Applique Folk Art" ~ A blog tour Day 4

Hello friends . . . .
We have a WINNER of the Rebekah L. Smith book.
Congratulations Trudi!
And many happy stitches to you!
Lori Ann
A little early morning stitching
I’d like to introduce you to someone and something very special.
The someone is Rebekah L. Smith ~ my friend & partner in promoting the 
The something is a wonderful book this multi talented lady has written to
share her love of the needle, handwork & wool appliqué with you.
Rebekah’s book “Wool Applique Folk Art: 
Traditional Projects Inspired by 19th. Century American Life” 
has recently been released by C & T publishing.  

This beautifully written book is the perfect introduction to wool appliqué.
Novice and experienced stitchers alike will enjoy the easy to follow 
step by step instructions and full size pattern templates.
Included in Rebekah's book are wonderful stories and amazing photos 
for endless inspiration.  
A true feast for the eyes, her book is beautifully and fittingly photographed 
in a historic home. 
Rebekah’s love of early textiles can be felt in each of her designs.  
From “Creatures of Habit” ~ The sweetest little cat pillow,  
to “For Needles and Thread” ~ a sewing caddy,  
her designs will easily speak to your heart as well!
If you love history, woolens & threads, “Wool Appliqué Folk Art” is the 
perfect addition to your creative library!

* To learn more about Rebekah see her website:

* Read all of the weeks fun blog tour posts:
8/26 Patti Gagliardi
8/29 Rebekah L. Smith

Win The BOOK! ~ C&T publishing has kindly offered to gift one copy of: 
 “Wool Applique Folk Art: Traditional Projects Inspired by 19th. Century American Life
 by: Rebekah L. Smith.
One lucky winner to be chosen @ 8pm EST, Sunday evening ~ August 30th. 2015
*** Just leave a comment on this post with your email or contact info!

(You must have a US mailing address to win, if you are outside the US you will receive an "E-book")
Happy stitches,

Lori Ann

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Lovely Wednesday Day!

hello . . . 

Thank you for taking a minute to pop by.
Should you like to purchase please email:

Please meet:

"Hide & Seek"
If you were a Mouse
 ~ hiding from a Cat,
He would never find you
~ on his Pumpkin Hat!
This sweet 10" kitten is created from soft black mohair with
wool felt paw pads and ear linings. She has amber glass eyes
and is weighted nicely with steel shot.
Atop her head is a velvet pumpkin hat on which a wee
black mohair mouse "hides".
Kitten's ruffle is of vintage ribbon.
ship $10.00

Have a happy day!
Lori Ann

PS:  Stop by Thursday for a fun new blogpost!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

hello . . .

Welcome to Wild Hare Wednesday!
Last year I took the below photo of a few curled leaves I'd picked up on a walk.
These sweet leaves sat on my studio worktable throughout fall 
keeping me company and making me smile.
One day I nestled a teeny velvet tuffet into one and voila!
Please meet the little pin keeper mouse friends this wee bit of nature inspired me to create.

Should you like to purchase please email:

Fall leaves and mousers . . .  a perfect combination!
Each approximately 2" h x 7" w.
Hand dyed, lined woolen leaves, gently wired and blanket stitched all round.
These woolens are mottled just perfectly in natures colors!
A hand dyed velvet pumpkin tuffet & wee mohair mouse nestles inside each leaf.
A hint of fall to make you smile!
#1 ~ Beech
#2 ~ Maple
#3 ~ Oak

Have an "Inspiring" day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday again?

hello . . .
My, how quickly Wednesday's roll around.
Many times I wish for more days in a week, or at the very least, more hours in my days!

But enough about that!
Please meet:
Should you like to purchase please send an email to:

This wee ted has decided to pause for a rest atop the largest sunflower 
in the garden.
The overall size measures about 9.5" (petal spread)
by 7" (height).
Sunny is a wee fellow of 6", created from soft black mohair.
He sits atop a hand dyed woolen sunflower.
Each of the 12 petals is lined with a reproduction civil war cotton.
Petals are attached to a nicely weighted woolen tuffet base.
The center of the sunflower is another tuffet of wool that is feather stitched and beaded.
A tiny tuffet sunflower fob is attached with a black cord.
Sunny wears a ruff of vintage ribbon.
ship $14.00

Have a "SUNNY" day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Not So "Wild" Hare . . .

Hello  . . . 
The palette of fall beckons and inspires me.
It begins with coneflowers & sunflowers heavy with seed.
An acorn or a tinged leaf picked from the ground on a walk.
Bits of earthy color everywhere ~ makes me smile!

Should you like to purchase please email:

Please meet:
Sunflower & Acorn
#1 ~ Sunflower is 13" to ear tips. 
He is a free standing bunny. (He has a wire armature in his legs 
and arms to stand sturdily on his own and his paws are posable.
Created from soft chocolate mohair with wool felt ear linings and 
glass eyes.
Sunflower's vest is stitched from wool felt with hand dyed wool
applique sunflowers. Blanket stitching, french knots and stem stitch
add to the sweet details.
Sunflower holds a sweet paper sunflower and comes with a vintage basket of the same!
A sweet and lovely fall vignette!
ship $14.00
#2 ~ Acorn
A we fellow of about 6", he's soft mohair with a bushy tail!
His tiny wool felt vest is stitched all round and has a very tiny acorn
He comes with a woolen acorn that has a real acorn top!
Acorn is made to sit, but with gentle coaxing might stand for you!
ship $6.00

May your day be filled with the colors you love . . . .
Lori Ann

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fun in the Sun!

Hello . . .
Please join us for a day at the beach.
A little sun and surf before school begins & fall comes knocking!

Should you like to purchase please email:

#1 ~ Sandy
A sweet Ellie of soft "sandy" mohair. She has just earned her red cross
lifesaving pin!  She's about 10" tall and is weighted nicely with steel shot.
She comes with her mohair beach ball and even some sea shells!
Her swimsuit is striped knit and her pinback is vintage!
ship $12.00

#2 ~ Wally is a wee teddy who is just relaxin' and taking in the sun!
He is about 5" tall and made from chocolate mohair.
His beach ball is of hand dyed wool.
He comes nestled into a vintage berry basket with shells from the sea
and even a starfish!
ship $6.00

The sand and sun are better enjoyed with a friend!

Have a peachy . . .  I mean "beachy" day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hello everyone . . .
I hope you enjoy today's offerings!

Should you wish to purchase please email:

Please meet:
#1 ~ Basil is such a sweet little gentleman!
He is created from soft chocolate mohair with wool felt
ear linings, pointy toes and bent arms.
Basil wears a vest of wool felt that is blanket stitched all
round and embellished with bullion knot carrots front and back.
A bow tie gives him a proper bunny look!
9" from heel to ear tips & weighted nicely with
steel shot.

#2 ~ Munching Bunny ~ A pin keep
A wee mohair bunny with wool felt ears nestles atop a hand dyed wool tuffet pincushion.
Tiny carrots are embroidered around the edge and a small wool carrot
dangles off the edge. 
Aprox. 5" x 3.5"

#3 ~ And The "Beet" Goes On
A rayon bunny nestles upon a hand dyed velvet red beet pin keep.
Feather stitching adorns as does a vintage ribbon bow.
Lined and blanket stitched leaves are hand dyed wool.
11" x 3.5"

Thank you for stopping by!
Lori Ann