Thursday, January 21, 2016

Making Do . . .

Hello Friends,

     From early in my antique collecting days the make-do has intrigued me.
Whether by the joining of 2 broken items to make one, or the use of naive materials 
to repair a loved piece of furniture or utilitarian object, there was a sense 
that the item still held great worth.
This worth may have been due to sentimental value or simply because another was
not readily available, hence the need to make it do.
Photos courtesy of Pinterest
My favorite pie safe has the most lovely make-do repairs. Tin pieces cover holes
where once a mouse or other creature chewed his way through in search of something
tasty or maybe a quiet place to nest. Obviously the first repair didn't stop him,
as there are three such repairs!. 
The punched tins on this piece are absolutely gorgeous, with columns topped by
birds, the color is a time softened red, and yet , it was the tin repairs that "got me" !
In my collecting, I'm not one to look for perfect, I look only for what my eyes
see as beautiful. I have crocks held together with wire strapping, a wooden bowl
with crude leather lashing, A blanket chest with a mis-matched leg and various
textiles and toys with lovely early repairs.
Note dolly's one carved hand
Being a stitcher by trade, this love of make-do's meant falling in love with the
make-do pincushion.
Early examples are often mounted atop simple pedestals of glass or tin.
The "pincushion" portion might be created from scraps of worn clothing or bedding
and stuffed with yet more scraps or if one was lucky, wool from their own flock.
In my own work, these simple yet beautiful utilitarian objects served as great 
inspiration to create my own pincushions, on pedestals and with a mohair friend
on top.
The idea of making-do permeates my work in the use of old fabrics, buttons,
trims and accessories.  An early repair on a textile only adds to the charm and
sense that it was meant to live on.
I hope to explore the make-do even further as the year progresses.

Now . . .  why am I telling you all this?

I am spending many hours on the living room sofa these days.
Across the room is the before mentioned lovely pie-safe, making me smile 
each time I glance up.
This will be my main perch throughout the long recovery from my broken leg.
In-between naps, hops thru the house (with a walker of course) and exercises, I've had
a bit of time to peruse photos, re-read favorite books and think.
It came to light that after my most recent surgery, that I too, 
am a MAKE-DO!
Leg on the "bendy machine"
Only the surgeons rough stitches and the leftover holes from my "fixator" are
visible, but I know that what lies underneath is a surgeons form of making-do.
I do know that in reality there are shiny plates, screws and ugly black sutures.
BUT ~  in my mind, I see strips of rusted tin, held tight with tiny brads all in a row.
If I don't look, I can picture linen threads, tiny stitches and
little x's placed just so.
Oh, and maybe a perfect bit of darning or calico patch over those holes.
Now this is more like it! 
For now I'm making-do, this leg is not what it once was, yet for utilitarian 
and sentimental reasons it holds great worth!

Lori Ann

To read more about the "Make-Do" see these wonderful books!

By: Donald P. Naetzker

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry . . .

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas !
Lori Ann, Michael, Lacy Lu and all the Furry  Friends

Sunday, December 13, 2015

tis the season . . . .

Decorating can be so exhausting . . .  I only wanted to take a little nap.  
Then "she" spotted me in my peaceful slumber and next thing I know,
I'm the one who's decorated.
Well . . .  I'll humor her . . .  she doesn't get out much!
Lace Lu

Saturday, November 28, 2015

An online show is coming . . .

Hello friends . . .
Click here for the show!
An online show is planned for  Sunday ~ December 6th.  ~ 8pm EST
New pieces will be posted at 8pm and sold via email.

~ December 6th. is appropriately Saint Nicholas Day ~

I love traditions . . .  so here's a wee bit of history.
St. Nicholas, a legendary figure was derived from Nicholas of Myra, a kind bishop of
4th. century Greece who developed a reputation for gift-giving. 
It is said he often put coins into other peoples shoes.
This led to many traditions world wide of putting gifts into shoes, boots or stockings.

Many Europeans who immigrated to the United States brought with them the beliefs and customs associated with St. Nicholas Day, many of these customs have become our traditions as well. Celebrations of St. Nicholas Day in New York were recorded in the early 1800's, tho they may have begun much sooner.
St. Nicholas has been known by many names throughout Europe and in our own country. Sinterklaas, Nikolausin, Nikolaus and Sante Claus to name but a few, but each name simply means,
 "bringer of gifts".

May these days leading up to Christmas bring you the best gifts of:
Peace, Joy, & Love.

Lori Ann

Friday, November 20, 2015

On words and being Thankful . . .

Hello friends . . . 
The holidays are upon us and with so much pain in the world there is no better
time to remember what is simple and most important.
Peace, Joy, Thankfulness, Love, Grace, Kindness and Hope are simple words,
yet they hold such power.
These words know no bounds, they are not exclusive to country, race or religion 
and yet many in this world act as if they don't exist.
One day I hope these words will rule the world, but until then they will rule my heart 
and I will to my best to share them with others.

On being "Thankful" . . . I'd like to say thank you to everyone who attended our
From OUR Hands & Hearts show last weekend. 
(Or those who had us in their thoughts from afar).
The show was just beautiful, thanks to our talented artisans and exhibitors.
We humbly thank each of you who welcome our art into your homes.

I am thankful for the work I do and hope my pieces bring joy to those who hold them.
I am finishing up some holiday pieces to bring you an online show soon.
~ Sunday, December 6th. ~ 8pm EST ~
The day is  Saint Nicholas Day ~ Quite appropriate don't you think?
To be held on the "gallery" page of my blog:

It will be a busy season at Corelis house this year . . . a visit (or two) from Mother
and a new grand baby, time with friends and this amazing blended family. 
Baking, decorating and making much joy!
We look forward to it all and are grateful.

May you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Lori Ann

Monday, November 9, 2015

Soon . . . very soon!

Hello  . . . 
The fur has been flying in the studio.
Every surface is covered with fuzz and the floor
resembles a down filled nest. ~ Bins of holiday bits and ribbons
 are open everywhere. 
Poor Lacy can hardly find a spot to lie down!

All is coming together nicely for the second 
From Our Hands & Hearts
show ~ won't you join us?
Find all the details here!

Be happy!
Lori Ann