Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fun in the Sun!

Hello . . .
Please join us for a day at the beach.
A little sun and surf before school begins & fall comes knocking!

Should you like to purchase please email:

#1 ~ Sandy
A sweet Ellie of soft "sandy" mohair. She has just earned her red cross
lifesaving pin!  She's about 10" tall and is weighted nicely with steel shot.
She comes with her mohair beach ball and even some sea shells!
Her swimsuit is striped knit and her pinback is vintage!
ship $12.00

#2 ~ Wally is a wee teddy who is just relaxin' and taking in the sun!
He is about 5" tall and made from chocolate mohair.
His beach ball is of hand dyed wool.
He comes nestled into a vintage berry basket with shells from the sea
and even a starfish!
ship $6.00

The sand and sun are better enjoyed with a friend!

Have a peachy . . .  I mean "beachy" day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hello everyone . . .
I hope you enjoy today's offerings!

Should you wish to purchase please email:

Please meet:
#1 ~ Basil is such a sweet little gentleman!
He is created from soft chocolate mohair with wool felt
ear linings, pointy toes and bent arms.
Basil wears a vest of wool felt that is blanket stitched all
round and embellished with bullion knot carrots front and back.
A bow tie gives him a proper bunny look!
9" from heel to ear tips & weighted nicely with
steel shot.

#2 ~ Munching Bunny ~ A pin keep
A wee mohair bunny with wool felt ears nestles atop a hand dyed wool tuffet pincushion.
Tiny carrots are embroidered around the edge and a small wool carrot
dangles off the edge. 
Aprox. 5" x 3.5"

#3 ~ And The "Beet" Goes On
A rayon bunny nestles upon a hand dyed velvet red beet pin keep.
Feather stitching adorns as does a vintage ribbon bow.
Lined and blanket stitched leaves are hand dyed wool.
11" x 3.5"

Thank you for stopping by!
Lori Ann

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hello . . . .

Hello to all . . .
I feel as if I've been away forever, but in reality I've been busy as a bee!
It's been quite a summer here at "Corelis House" with a month of company 
from the states and abroad.  
We had cooking to share, (and eat!) birthday's to celebrate, 
zoo's to visit, shopping to be done & tea parties to attend.
All topped by laughter, much laughter . . . to warm our hearts!
Mr. C pays close attention as the fine art of "taking tea" is explained by a 3 year old !
Happy Summer,
Lori Ann

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello . . .

Welcome to Wild Hare Wednesday!
Should you like to purchase please email:

#1 ~ Carl
Aptly named because the little boy who owned this little antique drum
signed his name to the bottom ~ Carl E. Smith.
Carl is just shy of 13", created from wavy taupe-beige mohair, is fully
jointed and nicely weighted in his chubby belly.
He proudly wears a ruff of antique flag bunting, a vintage paper hat
and a pinback that says "will you be mine kid".
He carries an antique gauze flag and sits nicely atop
his wonderful drum.
One of a kind vignette ~ A lovely statement piece!
ship $15.00
(#1 ~ Carl )
#2 ~ The Little Soldier
Created from soft chocolate mohair, this little soldier wears
a jacket of wool felt with blanket stitching and wee brad "buttons".
Around his neck a kerchief and atop his head a folded paper hat!
He carries a tiny antique silk flag and comes with a tin whistle.
Aprox 10"
ship $10.00
#3 ~ Ellie
Ellie is about 10" tall. She is created from soft beige "antiqued" mohair
with wool felt paw pads and ear linings.  She wears a ruff of antique flag bunting. 
Wee rusty bells run down her tummy.
Her trunk holds a tiny antique silk flag.
ship $10.00

Happy almost summer!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray . . .

Welcome to 
Wild Hare Wednesday!
Should you like to purchase please email:

Please meet:
"Hip Hip Hooray"
Just hanging' around waiting for the parade to begin!
"Hip" is a sweet 8" teddy created from soft over dyed beige mohair.
He has wool felt paw pads, German glass eyes and is weighted nicely with steel shot.
Around his neck is a ruff of antique flag bunting and an antique tin Roosevelt pin.
Atop his head a folded paper hat!
"Hip" is nestled into an antique wooden shoe with a vintage gauze 48 star flag,
a sweet vintage blue and white candy cane and a blue real goose feather sprig.
In his hand (paw) a tiny vintage silk, 48 star flag.
Overall about 10" not including the hanging ribbon.
Lots of vintage goodies here!
ship $14.00

Have a happy "Hip, Hip" kind of day!
Lori Ann

Friday, June 5, 2015

A online show is coming soon!

Please join me for an online event:
"Friends in the Garden"
Sunday evening  ~ June 7th. ~ 9pm EST

New pieces will appear on the "Gallery" page at 8pm EST!
(Note the slightly later time of 9pm :-)
Lori Ann

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Feeling silly!

Hello there . . . 
Maybe it's the garden, the sunshine or the feeling of my fingers in the dirt,
but something has made me feel a little giddy and silly!

So . . . Please meet:

and . . . The "BEET" goes on
I just love red beets and these wee bunnies do too!
Created from beautiful hand dyed velvet and wool, the "beet" is adorned with feather stitch, blanket stitch and colonial knots. Each wee bunny is created from soft rayon with wool felt ears and bead eyes.  Overall from beet tip to end of leaves they measure almost 11" long by about 3.5" high 
and are nicely weighted.

To purchase please email:

Be happy!
Lori Ann