Wednesday, January 28, 2015

welcome . . .

Hello friends,
It's Wild Hare Wednesday.
(Or should I say "wild bear" ?)
Today in honor of the snow blanketing many parts of the country.
Please meet . . . the very sweet:
Snowy Pandas
Created from soft and gentle winter colors of creme and taupe and
mohair. These sweet fellas are a smidgen over 5" tall,
fully jointed they are stuffed heavy with steel shot to
nestle into your hand!
Each wears a woolen scarf and has 3 teeny bells down his tummy.
They come nestled into a sweet box tied up with twine.
Please specify #1 (top) or #2 (bottom)

To purchase please email:

Stay cozy!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'Tis Wild Hare Wednesday!

Welcome to a cold and cloudy Wednesday!
No snow today, but the flakes we had yesterday were

Please meet:
"A Little Flakey"
The sweetest of winter squirrels sits atop a woolen snowball.
The ball is embellished with woolen snowflakes, teeny ric-rac and
other stitches.
Flakey himself is created from taupe mohair and has quite the fluffy tail!
He wears a woolen muffler to ward off the January chill, and holds
a woolen acorn with a real acorn top!
Overall height about 7" to tail top. Weighted to sit nicely.
A little friend to warm your heart on a winter day!

To purchase please email:

Stay toasty!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Wild Hare Wednesday!

Hello & welcome!
To purchase please email:

Our snow came much before and then after Christmas this year.  
At the moment our ground is white and the neighborhood looks quite peaceful !
In honor of the snow please meet:
A sweet little rascal.
Created from beautiful antique mohair. 
Snowy is about 12" to his ear tips and has wool felt paw pads and ear linings.
His little glass eyes sparkle with mischief!
He is stuffed heavy with steel shot and pellets to be ever so cuddly!
Snowy wears a custom knit jumper and woolen scarf.
Be careful . . . he has his own mohair snowball and he might just throw it at you!

Have a happy, snowball kind of day!
Lori Ann

Friday, January 9, 2015

Finding your calling . . .

I recently read a lovely article on the Yankee Magazine website about "Callings".
I've been wondering lately, what separates a calling from a job you love?  
Is it passion? Is it the way your heart pounds when a new idea hits?
I love what I do, mind you, but there are other voices that "call" to
me.  Rug hooking, wool appliqué, gardening, antiques and more.
 For now I've not much time to listen and pursue them, but
if they keep nudging me I wonder where they may lead.
Is it possible to have more than one "calling" in life?
I am blessed ~ I have pursued 2 passions in my work life, food and stitching. 
Are these callings? Or are they something a little different?
I wonder, is there a true "calling" around the corner?
One that will present itself to me a little later in life when I quietly sit and listen.
I don't know, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open!

This quote is from the end of the article ~ It speaks to me!

" Her story is a testament to how wonderful and bizarre life can be. It's a reminder that our life stories aren't over until they put us in the ground. No matter how old we are, everyday comes with the possibility that perhaps some new passion may sink it's hooks into us and drag us on an adventure. On any given day, we may be called to some new purpose and the next chapter of our life may be the most wonderful and meaningful of them all."
Justin Shatwell

Here is the full article:

Follow where your passion leads you !
Lori Ann

Friday, January 2, 2015

Possibilities . . .

Hello Friends,
Welcome to 2015 ~ a new year filled with endless possibilities
both in work and our personal lives.
We take stock of years gone by, treasure memories, see where
we may have done a little better and plan to improve.
None of us is perfect, we are human and flawed,
 but this doesn't mean we can't all
resolve to simply ~  Do Our Best.

On the business end:
I have plans . . . boy do I have plans, but just because I "have" plans doesn't
mean they will all happen! 
Last year I had a plan to re-do the studio. I made it about 75%, but never really
came up with the perfect layout before I had to get busy sewing again.
I'll try again this year!
I had plans to design new pieces . . .  a few happened, some didn't,
so back on the list it goes!
I ventured into teaching for the first time ~ what an amazing experience!
Yes ~ I'll do that again!
I made plans with a friend to run a Folk Art Show!
We were thrilled with the outcome ~ and yes we'll do it again!
I hoped to catch up on orders . . . well ~ that's a work in progress.
What new plans will be added to the un-finished list from last year?
* A new website! ~ Once I master the program :-)
* Improving my photography ~ Thank you to my tutor, Kasia!
* Teaching again  ~  Details to come soon.
* Pattern design for a magazine ~ check!
* The From Our Hands & Hearts show ~ November
*Creating some wool appliqué pieces ~ I love the bears and bunnies
but I'm feeling the need to add a little something different!
Of course as the days pass more "want to do's" will come to mind,
But this is a good place to begin ~ Wish me luck!

There are many items on the "personal" list as well.
More time with family and friends, more time in the garden, more long walks,
more sunshine ~ more striving to do my best!

May 2015 bring you only happiness and smiles!
Lori Ann

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Christmas Letter . . .

Many years ago on an antiquing jaunt,
I came upon this framed handwritten letter.
(Translated below the photo)
I am honored to hold it for safe keeping, as it seems to me 
it was written by a father to the child he was missing at Christmas time.
This simple letter has always tugged at my heartstrings, but especially so
this year as our own children were celebrating elsewhere.
(Tho, we will celebrate bit by bit as each schedule 
will allow and cherish the prolonged season!)
The Letter:
(Capitalization and punctuating are true :-)

Down Where The Three Big Maples Stand
They Are doing Things Today,  They Seem To be
Moving in A quiet Misterious Way,  They have
Taken down The Curtains,  They have Scrubbed
The Kitchen floor,  There's boys Carrying Water
And They Are Going back for More,  They have
Give The Rugs a beating  been dusting off  The
Chairs,     And i overheard Them Talking About
Cleaning The Upstairs,  They Are Shining up The
Windows  Putting Varnish on The floor,  And They
have a Great Big Gander Anchored by The
Kitchen door,   They say That He"s Trait or been
Takin on Too Much Fat,  It's yore one Conclusion that
They Are Killing him for That.  There"s Holly in The
Hallway,  Other bundles here And there,
And The Whole darned Place is taking on That
Old Time Christmas Cheer,  If you Knew What
i was Thinking of.  And how I Really care,
You Would Not have to Ask Me if 
 you Were only Here   ~    DAD

Lori Ann

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Simple Gifts . . .

Simple gifts ~ by hand & heart.
Each year we enjoy crafting something simple and lovely
for dear friends and family.
A few years ago we came upon the idea of homemade Vanilla.
(Who doesn't like vanilla?)
The process is quite simple yet, the results sublime.
The perfect simple gift.
Handcrafted Bourbon Vanilla
Simple and lovely packaging.
Would you like to try your hand at crafting your own vanilla?
The ratio of bourbon to vanilla beans is about 5 beans to one cup of bourbon.  
For gift giving we chose to make 4oz. bottles.  
A 1.75 L bottle of bourbon will make a bit over 1 dozen 4oz. bottles.
For each bottle we slit the beans lengthwise (to help the good stuff get out) then
 cut them in half to fit in the bottles.
Put 2.5 ~ 3 vanilla beans into each bottle.
Fill with Bourbon and cap. The Vanilla needs to age about 8 weeks before using.
(We write this on the tag )
This vanilla will be rich, it may not be a clear as filtered store bought, but the flavor
will be amazing! You can scrape the beans for use in cooking as well!
We added sweet tag with our sentiment and a bow .

~ Now for our "special trick"
To make our vanilla all the richer we use a bit lesser brand of 
bourbon yet filter it an additional 15 times at home with a Britta Pitcher! 
(You would be amazed at the difference . . .  even for sipping!)

We purchased our 4oz. bottles and Madagascar Vanilla Beans via Amazon.
(The vanilla Beans are from Olive Nation ~ You may enjoy their website!)

From our home to yours ~ Merry Christmas!
Lori Ann & Michael