Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy . . . .

It seems we've waited forever but, the days are now very springlike.
Stitching and the upcoming From Our Hands event are both keeping me ever so busy,
 but I've stolen just a few moments to bury my fingers into the dirt!
The gardens awake a little more each day . . .  the wee daffodils
are at peak right now and I'm seeing hints of lily of the valley , herbs and strawberry
plants popping up!
I hope you enjoy these pics of our humble little plot of earth.
Wee Daffodils 
The "bird girl" from the back . . .  soon she will be surrounded by iris and strawberries!
Smiling pansy faces ~ and bunny too
A few early seeds planted . . .  you can't see, but so much going on
below the surface!
Smile . . . 
Lori Ann

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April . . . .

Hello friends,
Winter is behind us and April showers have begun.
We were blessed with a most beautiful Easter Sunday, but now a week of rain, 
thunderstorms and dank clouds is the forecast.
I'm itching to work outside, but with a less than pleasant week & a show bearing down 
on me I guess our soggy garden will have to wait.

On a cloudy, rainy day such as this, only one thing will make you feel better.
A cookie . . . A pretty cookie . . .  a VERY pretty cookie . . . a cookie
made with yummy rich butter!

Ok ~ cookie & tea in hand . . . . all better now and into the studio I go!
I purchased this lovely rolling pin from etsy  ~ here's the link!

In other "news" . . . 
I hope to have a couple Wild Hares this month, but I'm working on pieces for our
From Our Hands ~ Mercantile, so I might get a little bogged down!
Check out the show info on the website ~ this will be one fun event!

Have a cookie kinda day!
Lori Ann

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

coming up . . . .

I'll be a "Bunny's Behind"  . . .

Click this link for tonite's show!
(the pieces will appear in the gallery at 8pm EST!)

Please join me Sunday evening, March 29th. ~ 8pm EST
on the "Gallery" page for
"A Breath of Spring"
Bunnies and friends will be there to greet you!

Enjoy the day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello, it's Wild Hare Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday!

If you would like to purchase, please email:

In honor of upcoming Saint Patrick's day please meet:
Patrick & Lucky
Patrick is a One Of A Kind ~ this mohair is no longer available.
Created from the lightest wispy shade of green that almost isn't green at all,
it has a soft green backing that shows on his sweet face.
(It's quite difficult to show how beautiful this mohair is in a photo!)
Patrick wears a bow of antique silk ribbon with vintage velvet flowers.
He is about 13" and is stuffed with excelsior, poly and pellets for
a weighted cuddly feel.
Patrick's wee mouse friend sits atop a tuffet of 1800's quilt fabric 
that has teeny shamrocks scattered about.
(A One Of A Kind as well ~ it was a teeny scrap of fabric)
$355.00 (set)
ship $15.00

Have a lucky kind of day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A wild hare winter . . .

Hello . . .

Just 16 days till spring and here in Ohio and like many parts of the 
country we await her arrival with bated breath and crossed fingers!

As it's still "white" here . . .  today's friend
has been created in the gentle colors of winter.
(a last hurrah of sorts!)

To purchase please email:

Please meet:
Bluster is a gentle soul . . . and since the days are still chilly
he wears his hand knitted muffler to ward off the cold!
Even his woolen carrot is in winter colors . . .  maybe that makes it a turnip :-)
Bluster is created from soft beige mohair with hand dyed and subtly
shaded spots.  He has paw pads and ear linings of wool felt & his eyes 
are glass. He is about 11" to ear tips, and is weighted with steel shot to
be quite cuddly!

Stay toasty!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tis winter still . . .

Thank you so much for popping in to a very chilly
Wild Hare Wednesday. I hear tell that spring is on it's way, but for now
white is all I see when I look out the studio window.

To purchase please email:

Please meet:
Pippin ~ A Winter Friend
Pippin loves to play in the snow and he's looking for someone to play
with him! (See his little needle felted snowball?)
He is about 5" tall, created from mohair and is weighted with
steel shot to nestle into your hand.
Pippin wears a custom knit jumper with a scarf to keep the chill away!
ship $8.00

Stay warm and have fun!
Lori Ann