Friday, November 20, 2015

On words and being Thankful . . .

Hello friends . . . 
The holidays are upon us and with so much pain in the world there is no better
time to remember what is simple and most important.
Peace, Joy, Thankfulness, Love, Grace, Kindness and Hope are simple words,
yet they hold such power.
These words know no bounds, they are not exclusive to country, race or religion 
and yet many in this world act as if they don't exist.
One day I hope these words will rule the world, but until then they will rule my heart 
and I will to my best to share them with others.

On being "Thankful" . . . I'd like to say thank you to everyone who attended our
From OUR Hands & Hearts show last weekend. 
(Or those who had us in their thoughts from afar).
The show was just beautiful, thanks to our talented artisans and exhibitors.
We humbly that each of you who welcome our art into your homes.

I am thankful for the work I do and hope my pieces bring joy to those who hold them.
I am finishing up some holiday pieces to bring you an online show soon.
~ Sunday, December 6th. ~ 8pm EST ~
The day is  Saint Nicholas Day ~ Quite appropriate don't you think?
To be held on the "gallery" page of my blog:

It will be a busy season at Corelis house this year . . . a visit (or two) from Mother
and a new grand baby, time with friends and this amazing blended family. 
Baking, decorating and making much joy!
We look forward to it all and are grateful.

May you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Lori Ann

Monday, November 9, 2015

Soon . . . very soon!

Hello  . . . 
The fur has been flying in the studio.
Every surface is covered with fuzz and the floor
resembles a down filled nest. ~ Bins of holiday bits and ribbons
 are open everywhere. 
Poor Lacy can hardly find a spot to lie down!

All is coming together nicely for the second 
From Our Hands & Hearts
show ~ won't you join us?
Find all the details here!

Be happy!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

hello . . it's Wednesday!

I hope you are all enjoying these last days of October . . .
Yesterday was simply beautiful here in central Ohio and it seems today
will be the same!

Should you like to purchase today's offering please email:

Please meet:
 Which Witch is a Kitten Witch?
Witchy is a sweet kitten of soft rusty mohair with hand 
accented subtle tiger stripes.  She is fully jointed, has glass eyes, wool felt paw 
pads and ear linings and is weighted nicely with steel shot.
She is about 10" tall.
Witch wears a caplet cut from antique fabric with vintage ribbon ties.
Her hat is German wool felt, trimmed with antique ribbon.
She carries a woolen pumpkin too!
See her subtle tiger stripes?
ship $10.00
Happy Wednesday!
Lori Ann

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Preparations . . .

Getting ready for an event means much more than
just sitting down to make a bear or rabbit.
(Especially when you are one of the show promoters!)
In addition to all the duties Rebekah L. Smith and I share in creating the 
we are both participating artisans.
With show plans well underway it's time to focus on our own works!
Creating begins with dreaming, visualizing, sketching & perusing my favorite antiques, 
holiday and textile books then letting the juices flow.
For a winter show of course thoughts are centered around winter friends, wooly sweaters, holly berries and all things warm and fuzzy. 
Since I work mainly in mohair and wool this also means dyeing.
To me this time of year means rich deep colors and I try to capture them in the dye pot.
I spent yesterday, making a total mess of the kitchen . . .  working so furiously that I 
forgot to take a photo of the big mess!
(Let's just say, husband walked in and walked out again!)
Multiple racks of drying mohair, wool and ribbons.
I kinda want to roll in it all!
Ready for cutting . . .  or just staring at!

Step one complete . . . .  Next to see who emerges from these luscious colors.
Into the studio I go . . .  these days till long past night fall.
The fur will be flying and I'll be in heaven!

Hope to see you in Peninsula, Ohio!
Lori Ann

Monday, October 12, 2015

A simple thank you . . .

Hello Friends . . . 
I'd like to take a minute to say thank you.
Thank you ~ to everyone who stopped by last evenings online event.
Thank you ~ to all who welcome my work into their lovely homes.
Thank you ~  to those who tried and missed out.
Thank you ~ to those who enjoy window shopping.
Thank you all!
It's now time to switch gears in the studio.
To tuck away the Halloween supplies and bring out the red woolens, 
wee antique sweaters, the tinsel and pinecones.

So, while outside I am cherishing this beautiful fall season,
inside the studio winter will begin to appear!
Enjoy the week ahead,
Lori Ann

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Soon . . . very soon . . .

Our photo shoot is complete and we can't wait to meet you!
Please join us Sunday evening ~ October 11th.
8pm EST.
(show to be held on the "Gallery" page)

See you soon!
Lori Ann & friends

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ghoultide Gathering ~ 2015

Enjoy a bit of the magic that is "Ghoultide Gathering".
I'm so honored to be part of this Halloween extravaganza. 
Mere words can not begin to describe the transformation of a humble barn into 
a Halloween palace ~ You just need to see it to believe it!
(Make your plans now for Sept. 24 ~ 2016!)

To see even more photos click below!
The Ringmaster ~ Lori Ann Corelis
Rest in Peace little squirrel ~ Lori Ann Corelis
Our amazing hosts and promoters ~ Scott Smith & Bill Gilmore
by: Scott Smith
The always lovely Nicol & Phil Sayre
by: Nicol Sayre
Lori Ann